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Spa Life: Better Rest – Less Stress

The Unexpected Benefits for Body and Mind

If you think a hot tub is just a luxury item, think again. According to the medical website SteadyHealth.com, winding down in a spa after a long day has a number of benefits, both physical and mental.

The physical wellness benefits of hot tubs are delivered in several ways: heat increases circulation by dilating blood vessels, buoyancy relieves joint stress by reducing your weight by 90%, and powerful jets soothe away stress and tension with massage. These elements work together to provide a variety of health benefits. Spa time helps you disconnect, decompress and emerge renewed.


When the body is under stress, blood vessels constrict which in turn causes your body’s muscles to work a little harder and become stiffer. A spa combines warm water with the added benefits of powerful, yet gentle, massaging jets to help blood vessels dilate and increases blood flow into tired muscles.

As little as a 15-minute soak in a spa can help you sleep better!

woman-relaxWe all know lack of sleep can cause a myriad of health-related issues, including daytime grogginess and an inability to focus throughout the day, but did you know scientific evidence suggests that an evening dip in a hot tub can help you get a more restful night’s sleep?

It’s not just because you are more relaxed, although you certainly will be. There is real science behind it. According to a study in the scientific journal Sleep, raising your body temperature 60-90 minutes before you hit the sack can help you fall asleep faster. This is because the natural cooling down process that signals to your body it’s time to sleep occurs more quickly.

Suntek has a full line of Healthy Living spas offering one-of-a-kind hydrotherapy to ease aches and pain, calm stress, improve sleep, and boost the natural healing response.

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