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CALL or TEXT: 1-631-249-7727
HOURS: Mon-Fri 10-6 | Sat 10-5 | Sun 10-4
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Pool Service

Openings | Closings | Leak Repair | Salt Systems | Major Repairs | Liner Changes | Heaters | Variable Speed Pumps | Filter/Pump Replumbing | Filter & Pump Replacement | Weekly/Bi-Weekly Maintenance


Pool Opening (Basic)

  • Remove and fold cover or layout flat to dry
  • Reinstall filter system
  • Reinstall ladders, dive boards, etc.
  • Start and check the filter system
  • Addition of start-up chemicals

Pool Closing (Basic)

  • Blowing out of all pool lines
  • Disassembly of filter & pump
  • Reinstall pool cover
  • Removal of ladder, dive board, etc
  • Addition of winter chemicals

Leak Repair

Suntek Pools & Spas can find any leak in any pool, big or small…

  • Diver service available for under water leaks
  • New underground plumbing lines installed
  • Skimmer leaks repaired
  • Return line leaks repaired
  • Above ground filter/pump leaks repaired

Salt Systems 

Why Buy a Salt System from Suntek Pools & Spas?

  • Never buy, transport and store chlorine again
  • Softer, silky feeling water – Better on your skin and hair
  • No more red eyes – No staining of clothing
  • No chlorine odor
  • Automatically solves most of your water chemistry problems
  • Sanitizes your pool every day – No vacation worries
  • Better water chemistry management – day in day out
  • No algae growth to stain your surface
  • Continuous super chlorination eliminates need for harsh chemical shocking
  • Produces close to neutral pH to prevent radical shifts in water balance
  • No handling or storage of harsh chlorine products
  • Continuous in-line super chlorination guarantees healthy water
  • No caustic by-products

Major Repairs 

Suntek Pools & Spas can renovate your entire swimming pool…

  • New pool liner
  • New & replacement step installations
  • Salt systems
  • Heaters
  • Wall repairs
  • Lighting Upgrades (Electrical Hook-Up by Separate Licensed Electrician)
  • New filter/pump
  • New plumbing
  • New Brick/Pavers

Liner Changes 

Suntek Pools & Spas can make your old tired pool  look new again with a new liner…


Suntek Pools & Spas can replace you old tired gas heater or install a new efficient heat pump…

Variable Speed Pumps

Suntek Pools & Spas can save you money with the installation of a variable speed pool pump…

  • Save up to 50% on your electric bill!
  • Get a $450 Rebate from PSEG

Filter/Pump Replacement

Suntek Pools & Spas can replace your old inefficient pump and filter and replace it with new state of the art technology.

Pool Weekly & Bi Weekly Maintenance

Let Suntek Pools & Spas do the work for you this summer with one of our maintenance programs…

  • Remove any large accumulation of debris on the bottom with a leaf scoop.
  • Remove floating leaves
  • Feed the pool with chlorine, salt or other sanitizer to satisfy manually or automatically.
  • Check that the water level is high enough for the pump to operate correctly.
  • Visually inspect pool water for clarity, color and visible contaminants
  • Test and adjust sanitizer level
  • Test and adjust pH
  • Test and adjust Alkalinity
  • Test and adjust Conditioner/Stabilizer levels
  • Clean the tile at the water line
  • Check filter pressure and backwash as needed.