Sauna Features

Hybrid Infrared Sauna Features

Michael Phelps Sweaty GOAT Saunas by Master Spas incorporate cutting-edge features designed to enhance the experience of indulging in the ultimate sweaty session.

Hybrid heating

Sweaty GOAT Saunas feature a hybrid heat system, providing a full-spectrum infrared experience. A combination of heating elements, including carbon and graphene, are strategically placed throughout the sauna to provide full-body therapy. Traveling up to 2 inches into the body, the infrared heating system helps to increase circulation, nourish damaged tissues, stimulate your immune system, and more. This heating system makes your sauna experience more enjoyable and effective.


Chromotherapy lighting

Sweaty GOAT saunas feature chromotherapy lights, fostering a tranquil atmosphere within your sauna. Each color has a unique effect, triggering subconscious responses that allow you to maximize the advantages for both your body and mind.

Ergonomic design

We understand the importance of a well-designed space for relaxation and wellness. Sweaty GOAT Saunas have strategically placed seating, well-positioned heat, and thoughtfully crafted interiors that contribute to an environment that promotes relaxation and tranquility.

LED lighting

Sweaty GOAT Saunas have interior and exterior LED lighting to enhance your sauna sessions. The color therapy lights help improve skin, circulation, nervous system, mood, health, and more. There are seven color options, each providing unique health benefits and responses.

Wireless sound system

All Sweaty GOAT saunas have a wireless audio entertainment system.

Easy-to-use control panel

Control the temperature, lighting, and audio with the Sweaty GOAT control panel. Adjust the temperature with the press of a button, and set a timer. You can also use the reservation mode to set a time for your session, ensuring that the sauna will turn on at a selected time to the last set temperature.

One-touch air purification system

The oxygen ionizer releases negative ions to purify air, removing pollen, dust, and other allergens. In addition, it releases a natural floral fragrance to enhance your mood and stimulate a relaxation response. This system gives you a safer, cleaner environment in which to enjoy the benefits of using a sauna.

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